What’s in a name – Witbiers

“A Wit with no spices is no Wit at all.” – Martin Lodahl


Witbiers, commonly referred to as “white beers” or “wheat beers” are Belgian Style ales that use a high level of wheat in the mash during the brewing process. Crafted with combination of malt and hops, this style of beer is also spiced, generally with coriander, sweet or bitter orange peel or a myriad of other spices or herbs in the background.

Wits are typically pale and cloudy in color, as a result of yeast suspension and high levels of wheat and/or oats.


Try out ours: Boom Island’s Witness witbier has a light, hazy blond color and fluffy white head, with slight tartness that opens into a refreshing smoothness and faint floral notes that linger on the back. Witness can be found in an orange 4-pack in the refrigerator section of your local store, and tastes just as great in the depths of winter as it does in the glow of summer.

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