Boom Days July 15-17

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Our biggest event of the year, Boom Days, is around the corner.  So, what is Boom Days?  Well, it all started from one beer:  Cuvée de Boom. This unhopped ale consists of 45% Pinot Grigio grapes and 55% Belgian style blond ale.  Our brewer Kevin Welch specifically created it for our first Boom Days Festival two years ago. The result is this magical blend between wine and beer, creating a champagne-esque delight.

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The release of the Cuvée de Boom is a big part of Boom Days, and has become quite a party. The first Boom Days two years ago was small but fun. People came for the Cuvée de Boom, and stayed for the music and good company. The second year came, we expanded the event to three days and added a Belgian Style Homebrew Competition with help from our friends at Northern Brewers.  Over 50 home brewers sent in Belgian style brews of their own creation, with JD Park taking home the grand prize for his Saison. We will be releasing his Saison on July 16 at 1PM during the festival.

We can’t believe that the 3rd annual Boom Days is a few short weeks away.  Kevin has outdone himself again this year. He barrel aged the Cuvée!  You will be able to try his creation on tap and bring home 750ml bottles as well. Cuvée will only be available during Boom Days. Besides Cuvée, we will also be tapping some of our most exclusive releases from the past year along with your favorite year-round beers.

If there is one thing really special about this year’s Boom Days it has to be the music. Let’s face it, everyone here at Boom Island takes music seriously.  That is why we have lined up some amazing and eclectic bands for you, from Belgian rapper to jazz, from a horn ensemble, to long time local favorites.

Another key facet to Boom Days is that it features education and the sharing our knowledge and passion of brewing with others. This is why we partnered with Northern Brewer  to create the Belgian Style Homebrew Competition.  Before the award announcement at 5PM on Sunday, July 17, we have invited many local brewing industry leaders to share their knowledge of  malt, hops, yeast and brewing styles.

Anyone who has met our founder and head brewer Kevin knows that he is passionate about Belgian beer, Belgian breweries and Belgian fries. He has become the unofficial Belgian ambassador and trip planner.  Finally he is leading a tour to Belgium for our customers! We have teamed up with Book It Travel to create a Belgian Brewery Tour in April 2017.  He will be talking about the itinerary on Sunday. You will be able to sign up to receive more information about the tour.

So, what is Boom Days?  It is about great beer, music, education, and so much more. It is about a great time to share with family and friends right in the middle of a Minnesota summer that goes by entirely too fast. Cheers to you and your continued support of Boom Island Brewing!

NYE Pre-Party with Cuvée de Boom

Dec. 31 4-9PM

Get yourself properly prepared for your New Year’s Eve countdown parties.cuvee_largeHave plans already for New Year’s Eve?  Keep them.  Just come to Boom Island first for a bracing glass of Cuvée de Boom!

  • Cuvee de Boom tapping at 4PM. Cuvée de Boom is a delicious mix of 45% Pinot Grigio grapes and 55% of a Belgian Blond ale.  At 10% ABV, and 0 IBU’s, dry champagne-beer, without all those bubbles that tickle your nose.  Cuvée de Boom will not appear again until Boom Days 2016 in July.  
  • Happy Hour 4-6PM. Only $3 for full pours of non taproom exclusive beers.  First glass of Cuvée for happy hour price to anyone wearing a Cuvée de Boom t-shirt.
  • Since we close at 9PM, we will help you usher in 2016 in style and get some glow sticks, noise makers and party hats, so you will be prepared at your next destination when the ball drops at midnight.
  • $10 Growler 4-9PM.

Cuvée de Boom Bottle Release

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Last year’s Cuvee de Boom was a huge hit, and this year’s
is sure to be a quick summer favorite!

Boom Island is proud to announce our second annual Boom Days and Cuvée de Boom bottle release, July 17-19, 2015. This summer seasonal will be available for limited release. 200 Cuvée bottles will be made available to the public, but will only be sold on site during Boom Days.

Cuvée de Boom is a 10.5% ABV unhopped confection that consists of 45% Pinot Grigio grapes and 55% Belgian style blond ale. It pours softly into your glass with a fluffy white head, which quickly dissipates into a light champagne like effervescent beverage. A wine feel morphs into a collage of champagne, and a hint of plum, which lingers into an assertively dry finish.

This is a limited release, with only 100 bottles available Saturday, and 100 Sunday!

The weekend will also feature music, a 5K running event, a Home Brew competition, outdoor games like rolle bolle and demonstrations from Expertease Dance Studio.