Meet Alex

Meet Alex, our most recent addition to the Sales Team! As a sales representative for Boom Island, Alex is in charge of meeting with our current liquor store clients, introducing new stores, and upholding the spirit of Boom Island Brewing Company!

© Heather Hanson Photography LLC
© Heather Hanson Photography LLC

“Figure out what you love to do, then figure out how to get paid to do it.” -Nick Offerman

“I first heard about Boom Island from a friend … I really got into the local taproom scene and made it my personal mission to try to get to every tap room around the area. I still wear my Nordeast Grainbelt hat I got while filming the local cable access show Drinking With Ian at Donny Dirks Zombie Den.”
“I honestly don’t remember my first beer from Boom Island,” he continues, “but I know I will never forget my first taste of a 2013 Vintage of Yule. Everyone in the room stopped cracking jokes and looked down at the beer, then one after another said “Holy Sh*t.”
Alex has worked in sales for a while selling “this and that,” but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that he got the itch to work in the beer industry. “I started a beer blog to document and explore beer styles and dove in head first into learning as much as I could about Breweries, the business and the science behind the beer,” he says. “My wife, Samantha, just received her Masters in History from Northeastern University in Massachusetts and we both love learning about historic Trappist breweries and styles of brewing. I got my big break into beer from Element Brewing Company as the Eastern Mass Sales Representative, I still like the beer and the company but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to move back to Minnesota to work here.”
Aside from Yule, Alex says he’s obsessed with Hoodoo! He says, “I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they first try it. They look like they just realized there’s more to craft beer than just IPAs and I get the pleasure of seeing their expressions.” Other favorites include Dangerous Man’s Chocolate Milk Stout and Peanut Butter Porter; Insight Brewery’s Saison De Blanc; Element Brewery’s Dark Vanilla and also the “unique bubblegum taste” he gets from a glass of Bell’s Two Hearted after Drinking a Surly Furious.
As Alex adjusts into the world of Belgian beer, working with this crazy team of misfits and enjoying the patio season in MN, he notes that the best part of his day is “not knowing when I should stop working and go home,” and that Haiku Jim will always hold a special place in my heart. He’s like the big hug you need after a bad day.
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Cuvée de Boom Bottle Release

© Heather Hanson Photography LLC

Last year’s Cuvee de Boom was a huge hit, and this year’s
is sure to be a quick summer favorite!

Boom Island is proud to announce our second annual Boom Days and Cuvée de Boom bottle release, July 17-19, 2015. This summer seasonal will be available for limited release. 200 Cuvée bottles will be made available to the public, but will only be sold on site during Boom Days.

Cuvée de Boom is a 10.5% ABV unhopped confection that consists of 45% Pinot Grigio grapes and 55% Belgian style blond ale. It pours softly into your glass with a fluffy white head, which quickly dissipates into a light champagne like effervescent beverage. A wine feel morphs into a collage of champagne, and a hint of plum, which lingers into an assertively dry finish.

This is a limited release, with only 100 bottles available Saturday, and 100 Sunday!

The weekend will also feature music, a 5K running event, a Home Brew competition, outdoor games like rolle bolle and demonstrations from Expertease Dance Studio.