Harvest Ale at Grumpy’s Oct 17!

From Brewer Christian:

Grumpy’s Downtown is hosting a beer festival called “Limited Action.” Their idea is an interesting one. Host a beer festival unlike other festivals. Instead of breweries pouring their normal lineup Grumpy’s is only allowing beers that meet a series of requirements. Those requirements are as follows.

1. The beer must use hops that are grown at Grumpy’s NE location.

2. The beer should include other aromatic herbs or spices.

3. The beer should include a distinctly Minnesotan ingredient.

The distinctly Minnesotan ingredient stumped me for awhile. All I could think of was wild rice or “Hot Dish” ( that thing southerners call a casserole.)

I started to think of my overall Minnesotan experience and what I truly enjoy most. I finally realized that going to an apple orchard was a wonderfully Northern experience. Speaking of apples, the University of Minnesota has created several apple varieties that grow exceptionally well in the climate here. One of those apples is Honeycrisp.

The beer I brewed for this event is a different take on a popular fall seasonal, the pumpkin beer. Instead of pumpkin I used Honeycrisp Apple cider for 20% of the overall volume. I relied on the yeast to provide the spice ingredient for this beer.

Kevin and I went to Grumpy’s in NE a few weeks ago to pick hops for this beer, I then dried those hops over a couple of days and brewed shortly thereafter. No other hops went into this beer than the hops that we picked.

The beer is called “Harvest Ale” and you can find it at Grumpy’s Bar & Grill Downtown Minneapolis from 2-7PM or at the taproom starting October 23!

Happy fall!