Meet Marta

Meet Marta, one of the recent additions to our Sales Team! As a sales representative for Boom Island, Marta is in charge of meeting with our current bar & restaurant clients, introducing new bars & restaurants to Boom Island, and upholding the spirit of Boom Island Brewing Company!
Photo by Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Photo by Heather Hanson Photography LLC

“My good friends Shawn and Megan first introduced me to Boom Island. At the time I was just starting to get into craft beer, and I was still a bit overwhelmed by all the varieties available. It’s likely that Shawn and Megan insisted I drink a Hoodoo (one of their favorites), which today is one of my favorites. In summer 2014, we spent several Saturday afternoons on the patio, enjoying beer and sunshine together before I left on a 3-month trip out of the country (during which I frequently craved Minnesota craft beer).”

Marta studied English and Philosophy as an undergrad, so it seems strangely fitting that she ended up working for a brewery, “considering that I’ve done a lot of thinking over a lot of beer.” She continues, “realistically, I previously worked in specialty coffee which required extensive training and education to understand the nuances of proper coffee extraction, flavor profiles, etc. This coupled with two years at a publishing company ended up being the perfect combination for my specific sales position with Boom Island.”

Choosing a favorite beer from Boom Island is difficult because each has a different and distinctive personality, but Marta is a dedicated Hoodoo Dubbel fan. More recently, Thoprock IPA has made her reconsider favorites. While the beer at Boom Island is always great, it’s not her only favorite thing at the #BIBoomRoom (the taproom); Marta says Jim, the taproom manager, is just as much a part of the experience. (It’s no secret that Jim’s endless stories and wit give life at the taproom extra personality, stop by and see for yourself!)

When it comes down to day to day life as a Boom Island Sales Rep, “The best part of my day is doing tastings with people and seeing their initial reactions. Nothing is more fun than introducing people to our beer and seeing how much they love it at first sip! That and coming to work knowing that I’ll spend the day with the rest of the Boom Team to work hard, have fun, and promote some of the best beer that Minnesota has to offer!”

When Marta’s not at Boom Island Brewing, she can usually be found checking out other local breweries (Surly, Bang and Indeed are some favorites) or hanging out at a craft beer bar, likely my long-time favorite The Muddy Pig. “One favorite brewery of mine from outside of Minnesota is White Birch Brewing out of New Hampshire. The birch tree label reminded me so much of being up north that I had to buy a bottle, and the beer turned out to be just as captivating as its label!”

If you’re interested in more Boom Island and beer-related commentary from Marta’s perspective, follow her on Twitter at @MartaDrinksMN!