NYE Pre-Party with Cuvée de Boom

Dec. 31 4-9PM

Get yourself properly prepared for your New Year’s Eve countdown parties.cuvee_largeHave plans already for New Year’s Eve?  Keep them.  Just come to Boom Island first for a bracing glass of Cuvée de Boom!

  • Cuvee de Boom tapping at 4PM. Cuvée de Boom is a delicious mix of 45% Pinot Grigio grapes and 55% of a Belgian Blond ale.  At 10% ABV, and 0 IBU’s, dry champagne-beer, without all those bubbles that tickle your nose.  Cuvée de Boom will not appear again until Boom Days 2016 in July.  
  • Happy Hour 4-6PM. Only $3 for full pours of non taproom exclusive beers.  First glass of Cuvée for happy hour price to anyone wearing a Cuvée de Boom t-shirt.
  • Since we close at 9PM, we will help you usher in 2016 in style and get some glow sticks, noise makers and party hats, so you will be prepared at your next destination when the ball drops at midnight.
  • $10 Growler 4-9PM.

Beery Pairing: Yule & Pecan Pie


Despite the odd well-intentioned fruitcake, fruit and nuts are a winning combination during the holidays. A new twist on this combo can be achieved from the fruit essences of the Yule and the nuts nestled in a warm pecan pie. The nuttiness of the pecans will already be accentuated by sugar in the pie, but the cherry tones from the Yule will offer a balancing sweetness with subtle tartness against the nuts. This year, serve a small glass of Yule to go with your dessert; your guests will be impressed!

2015 Yule Release Party

Stellar in the Cellar: Belgian Strong Ale Fermented with Tart Cherries


For the fourth year running, Boom Island Brewing Company is pleased announce the release of its Yule, the dark Belgian strong holiday ale fermented with tart cherries, with subtle nuances of holiday spices.

There seems to be two major camps when it comes to celebrating the holidays. The first follow the department store model and decorate and start counting down the days weeks before Halloween has arrived. The other group is less sentimental and can’t be bothered to get into the spirit until a few days before the holiday.

Boom Island Brewing Company falls somewhere in between the two camps: the taproom Yule Release Party is scheduled for Friday, November 6th and will be sold in stores throughout the region starting the week of November 9. Yule 2015, fermented with tart cherries will be available on tap and in 750 ml bottles for the holiday season while supplies last. Pours from an oak cask, as well as bottles of the 2014 Yule, which was fermented with black currant, will also be available for purchase during this event.

As an added bonus, the Bill Patten Trio will be playing a set at 7pm and the New Bohemia food truck will be on site as well.

Cellaring craft beer has become more in vogue, and Yule is a perfect candidate for aging. As it ages and ferments the beer becomes more complex and special, worthy of any special occasion.

YULE 2015: 11.5% ABV Dark Belgian Strong Holiday Ale
COLOR: Deep Mahogany with a Sandy Brown Colored Head
FLAVOR: Tart Cherry with Subtle Holiday Spice, Fruity and Sour

YULE 2014: 13% ABV Dark Belgian Holiday Ale, Aged One Full Year
COLOR: Deep Mahogany with an Espresso Colored Head
FLAVOR: Black Currant with Holiday Spice, Rich and Tart

© Heather Hanson Photography LLC
© Heather Hanson Photography LLC

So grab bottles to share, gift, and enjoy for yourself!