There is way too much good beer to be made.

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Open Letter from Boom Island Brewing

Boom Island Brewing Company has decided to relocate to a new location – to be determined. It’s a business decision we were forced to arrive at based on the combination of the recent tragedy in the neighborhood and seven years of frequent hand-wringing regarding our safety and future as a company in our current location. We have persisted for 7+ years but the only way we will see another 7 is to move to greener pastures.

Any brewery located in a neighborhood where customers can arrive on foot has a much greater chance of success.  Our current location is not only too small but has virtually no foot traffic, and that needs to change. One day this neighborhood will change for the better, yet we realize there is no easy solution to the challenges that face North Minneapolis. Think it’s easy? We met with police and elected officials over the years to discuss the matter. Their desire to help and support far outweighed their ability to provide a cogent solution. It didn’t get this way overnight and unfortunately, it is not possible to change the situation overnight.

Boom Island Brewing will remain open as a taproom and production brewery while we decide on our literal and figurative next move.  As always, the beer will be great, the music will be carefully chosen and we will continue to say hello to every person who walks through the door. We have a long list of new beer releases and unique special events from now to the end of the year.  Go to for more info.

Our hearts will always be in North Minneapolis even though our future address might suggest otherwise.  Thanks for the ongoing support to all of our customers: past, present and future, as well as all the elected officials, Minneapolis Police and Fire, and neighborhood representatives and organizations who have expressed care and concern regarding our brewing family.

Cheers to you!

The Boom Island Team

4 thoughts on “There is way too much good beer to be made.

  1. Mark

    Kevin, you make some of the best beer around! Went in an international flavor profile. I love your beer. I just wish I could get over more often. Wherever you go, I’ll find you! And enjoy one or two or more! Don’t know where you’re looking, but a lot of action around the highway 280/University area in the Midway. Good luck!


  2. Jay Jackson

    Boom Island holds a special place in my beer loving heart. I have been drinking your beers from the start. You are outgrowing your space, Please look in the Whittier neighbor hood for a space.
    Kevin, best of luck to you-Long Live Boom Island!-


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