Boom Days: Meet the Bands (1)

Meet our resident tubists and euphoniumists!

Performing: Saturday July 16 1:30PM


The Above Average Tuba Quartet has been playing together for just a little

over two years.The ensemble contains tubists and euphoniumists that are

associated with the Lake Wobegon® Brass Band of Anoka Minnesota.

Tubas and Euphoniums are related instruments. The euphonium is generally

considered to be “Tenor Tubas”, and play an octave higher than their larger

siblings, which are also known as “Bass Tubas”.

Euphoniumist Eric Anderson is a professor of music at Anoka Ramsey

Community College where he teaches music history and leads the guitar

ensemble at the ARCC’s Cambridge Minnesota campus. Euphoniumist Jim

Blood is a retired Honeywell aerospace engineer (ask him about his

contribution to the Apollo Lunar Lander) and plays as the oldest musician in

a surprisingly large number of wind ensembles in the Twin Cities. Tubist

Gerry Greupner is a retired educator. His career as a student counselor has

given him great insights into the peculiar psyches of the musicians who play

in the bass clef. Tubist Roger Gomoll spends his working hours teaching

public radio stations how to more effectively beg for money during on-air

pledge drives. He makes penance for this despicable activity by giving his

time as tubist to eight different ensembles in the Twin Cities, including a

brass band, two brass quartets, a symphony orchestra, a Finnish dance band,

and even occasionally in a Dixieland band that plays mostly at funerals.


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