Pints and Pups 2016

Wiggy 1
Wiggy, Unofficial Taproom Greeter

From-MartaIt all started with our bar manager Jim and his love of dogs. In particular, a very special love for Wiggy, whom he often describes as the Unofficial Boom Island Greeter. Many patrons who have walked into the Boom Island taproom have encountered our favorite, four-legged friend right at the door, her entire body wriggling from side to side as all the energy from her furiously wagging tail works its way up her torso. Within moments, she’ll either be lying down for a belly rub or will come and sit on your feet once you have your beer. And yes, she literally sits on your feet; if this has happened to you, you know what I’m talking about. In the end, the universal truth is that we all love and adore Wiggy.

Jim and Wiggy at Pints & Pups 2015

But Wiggy’s story before enjoying time with her humans (affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Wiggy) at Boom Island might surprise you. Wiggy herself is a rescue from Secondhand Hounds, and to imagine sweet Wiggy as a rescued dog is gut-wrenching. What kind of life she had prior to coming into the care of Secoundhand Hounds is hard to envision. And what is even more heartbreaking to think about is other dogs like Wiggy who are currently in situations where they don’t receive the care and love that they deserve.

Given the history of Wiggy, Jim couldn’t stand idly by knowing that other dogs were in the same situation as Wiggy had been. We needed to do something to help other rescued dogs, and with Jim at the helm, the idea for Pints and Pups was born. Jim took charge in early 2015 to seek out several local rescue organizatations and invite them to come to Boom Island Brewing for a day to raise awareness and funds for the plight of animals in need. Everything was ready to go, and we expected a good day for Pints and Pups 2015.

We were wrong. It wasn’t just a good day; it was a fantastic day of love, support, and happy tails. With a line circling inside the taproom and making its way out the door, we were incredibly happy to see the overwhelming amount of support pour in from patrons. Pints and Pups was a huge success beyond what we had intially imagined, and in thinking ahead to 2016, we knew we could make it even better.

Pups 6
Pet Project Rescue at Pints & Pups 2015

Pints and Pups 2016 sees the return of several rescues from last year in addition to a few new organizations. We’re so excited to have the following rescues participate this year:

In addition to the rescue organizations, a variety of dog-related vendors will be on-site with information and services that could benefit you and your pup. And just like last year, we encourage visitors to bring along their own pooches to join in the fun! All leashed and well-behaved dogs are welcome to attend Pints and Pups with their humans.

PintsPups image
Happy tails at Pints & Pups 2015


So once again, we’re calling on all dog-lovers to join us for a day of supporting dogs in need on Saturday, May 14. A portion of our proceeds from the entire day (that’s 1pm to 9pm) will be given back to the rescues. That means bring your friends and family, and come have a pint to support a pup! We want you to come drink us out of beer. Because in the end, what could be better than having good beer and doing good for pups in need?


All photos by Heather Hanson Photography

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