Boom Gives Back

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As a microbrewery in the ever-growing Minnesota craft beer community, we’re doing something a little different. On our corner of Minneapolis, we make Belgian-style beer, a unique addition to the diversity of the local beer scene. Not only that, but our location is a little oasis along North Washington & North 2nd Street, sandwiched right between north and northeast. We’re proud of what we do and what we have to offer to the community, both to our neighborhood and to local craft beer.

But we realized we wanted to do more and be more active. So we put our heads together and thought about what exactly we could do. We ended up creating a volunteer program to enlist the help of our fans and donate our time and services to the community. After plotting out how we wanted the program to operate, carefully consulting our calendars and researching local organizations and charities, we were left with only one crucial thing missing from our program – the name.

It happened during our weekly meeting in the back office of the brewery. With coffee in front of us and scribbles of notes scrawled across every inch of our notebooks, our eyes had started to glaze over and we were at the point of verbally ejecting whatever thoughts happened to come into our heads.

“We want to give back… and we’re Boom Island… Make a Difference, Make a Boom? Create a Boom?”

“Boom Gives Back.”

And that was it. The name stuck and we ran with it.

We couldn’t be more excited to see our Boom Gives Back program get started this month and to see where this new venture takes us! And our first volunteer activity couldn’t take place at a better location, which is our namesake park: Boom Island Park. We’ve partnered with the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board to dedicate part of the day on April 30 to cleaning up Boom Island park for spring. A day outside making the park more enjoyable for its visitors followed by a volunteer social hour? There couldn’t be a better pairing.

So if you enjoy beer and doing good for the community, stay tuned to our website and social media for upcoming volunteer opportunities. It’s people like you who can help us do good for our community and make Boom Gives Back a success!

Want to join Boom Gives Back in April? Visit our April Volunteer Event page to sign up for our first group activity at the end of this month!

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