Clear River Partnership

Clear River Boom Color
The Clear River staff visits Boom island

Happy 2016 from Boom Island Brewing!

We had an amazing 2015 here at Boom Island, with many good memories and beer shared among friends! With exciting events such as the arrival of our bottling machine from Germany to the release of the much-anticipated Oude Funk, it’s a been a year filled with fun, laughter, and of course, great Belgian-style beer from the heart of Minneapolis.

But as we proceed into 2016, there are significant changes on the horizon and the biggest change for Boom Island has already arrived with the new year. On January 1, 2016, Boom Island became partnered with Clear River Beverage Company. Clear River will be managing our distribution within the metro, which means we’ll be focusing our attention on production here at the brewery. With several new products already in the works, we can’t wait to share more Belgian-style beer with you in the coming year!

The team members from Boom Island and Clear River had the opportunity to get to know each other this past Monday during a company party. With the beer flowing freely, the Boom Island staff introduced Clear River to our story and our beer. A few speciality Boom Island beers made a guest appearance for the occasion, much to the delight of the Clear River staff (and the Boom Island staff, too).

As a smaller distributor, the Clear River team is a tight-knit group, much like the staff of Boom Island. Clear River is most known for distributing brands such as Clown Shoes, Evil Twin, Ale Smith, and more, but Boom Island is Clear River’s first local brewery that it will distribute within the metro area. Throughout the evening, it was evident that everyone from both companies has a passion for beer and is dedicated to sharing it among customers in the Twin Cities and beyond. The staff from Clear River and Boom Island traded stories and experiences of being in the field, many of which induced laughter at the shared understanding of various situations that are specific to the work itself.


Clear River Team
The Clear River team enjoys samples of Boom Island beer


K and Q
Owner Kevin explains how Boom Island was started with the help of Qiuxia’s parents


Clear River Bill
Bill, owner of Clear River, shares a pint with his staff


Clear River Christian
Brewer Christian walks Clear River through the Boom Island brewing process


It was a great evening of making new friends, sharing good beer, learning about each company, and looking forward to what the future holds. With the new support and connections from our partnership with the Clear River team, the possibilities for us at Boom Island have grown significantly. Through our combined efforts with Clear River, we can’t wait to share more beer that was Born in Belgium, Crafted in Minneapolis within the metro and beyond!


To learn more about Clear River, visit their website: Clear River Beverage

Photos by © Heather Hanson Photography LLC

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