Beer Pairing: Yule & Artisan Cheese


When entertaining for the holidays, a cheese plate can offer a wide array flavors – all of which can be augmented by the complexity of a glass of Yule. The smooth, slightly sweet and velvety texture of the Yule will be the perfect compliment to a sharp cheese that can have a drier texture, especially if eaten on a cracker or crostini. Like a fine wine, enjoy Yule paired with cheese and crackers and add a little pizazz to your next party.

Try 2015 Yule with the following artisan cheeses:

Brie: The medley of tart cherry in the Yule and the richness and creaminess of your favorite Brie will surely warm your guests on a cold winter night.

Blue Cheese: The sweetness of the Yule is a perfect counter point to a fresh-tasting, salty blue cheese spread.

Goat Cheese: Goat cheese is rich and smooth, and almost demands to be paired with a full-bodied beer like Yule.

Roquefort: Roquefort cheese has a saltiness and strong flavor. Pairing Roquefort with Yule results in an assertive flavor combination that will disappear fast during the next time your entertain guests.

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