Meet Heather

After a long procrastination I have finally decided to introduce myself as a member of the Boom Island Brewing team. So, Hi! I am Heather, the Social Media Manager, Photographer, self-proclaimed “Marketing Ninja,” and merchandiser for the brewery. I have been charged with managing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, assisting with, and writing these very blog posts!

Heather Hanson, Social Media Manager for Boom Island Brewing Co.

I’ve been working with Qiuxia, one of our co-owners on the marketing side since December 2014, but before then….

(commence Wayne’s World flashback effects)

…. It all began with a group of friends.

Kevin Welch, Greg, Doug (my husband), and Ross at Boom Days 2014
Kevin Welch, Greg, Doug (my husband), and Ross at Boom Days, 2014
Robby & Doug at Boom Days, 2015
Robby & Doug at Boom Days, 2015

I feel this is an important anecdote to my relationship and view of the brewery, so bear with me. One of my husband’s friends (and my friend too), Robby showed up for the first day of the Boom Island Brewing Tasting room. For those of you new to our taproom, this was pre-taproom two blocks down from where the brewery is now). Little did we know that Robby’s love of craft beer and funny stories would wrap our small community of friends around this new local brewery. What is now referred to as the “Hoodoo incident” will forever live in infamy and began Robby’s relationship with Kevin, Qiuxia, and the brewery, and eventually launched my love for this little taste of Belgian I’ve now found on the banks of the Mississippi in Minneapolis. So what is the story? Well, you’ll just have to find me in person and ask!

If you ask my friends and family, they can tell you that beer was not always my favorite, but as most good relationships go, my husband tricked me into enjoying the finest craft beers money can buy. And at the beginning there wasn’t a lot I did like… Except for Hoodoo. The fruit notes, dark flavor,  and lingering heaven kept me coming back for more. It’s still one of my favorites, but I also enjoy Well’s Sticky Toffee Pudding Beer, Left Hand Milk Stout, and even Miraculum.

My favorite part about working for Boom Island Brewing is the small community we have built up. It’s easy to make an impact when you are teamed with a close-knit group of hard-working individuals. I get to practice what I love (photography) while learning about (and drinking) great craft beer. If you’ve been to any events at the brewery in the last two years, you’ve probably seen me with a beer in my left hand, camera in my right.

Follow me personally @HansonWeddings on Twitter, I am in Denver as a traveling brand ambassador at GABF September 23-26!

See our posts @BoomIslandBeer on Twitter & Instagram and on Facebook under Boom Island Brewing Company.

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