The Great MN Get Together Day #3

We have the guide to get you going on the best food pairings at this year’s Minnesota State Fair! Every day we will share a new fair food pairing to go along with each of our beers available on tap. So grab some great local beer and great food to finish out the summer right!

       Chocolate Covered Jalepenos & Hoodoo


Chocolate Covered Jalepenos

For the risk takers, this spicy treat is the go-to at the Fair every year.  Serve up this chocolate covered kick with our Belgian Dubbel, Hoodoo. Complex malt and low hop bitterness combine with hidden notes of clove and banana in this beer pair nicely with any chocolate treat. The spice of the jalapeño just gives in another layer of deliciousness!

Grab your Hoodoo in the Belgian Flight at the #10kBeer Craft Beer Hall, housed in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building. The Belgian Flight also includes Witness, Saison, and Brimstone.

Grab a Witness, on tap at Giggles’ Campfire Grill, or a Belgian Flight at the Craft Beer Hall, housed in the Agriculture/Horticulture Building to start your journey. Remember to share your own Boom Island Beer and food finds with “#WitnessTheFair” to win free beer and prizes!
We want to know: What ‪#‎MNStateFair‬ food are you pairing with the ‪#‎BoomIslandBeer‬ on tap? Share your selections using the hashtag “#WitnessTheFair ” August 27 – Septmebr 7 to win FREE BEER & PRIZES! Winner(s) announced September 8!

Stay tuned for more recipes, released each day of the fair and make sure to stop by Giggles’ Campfire Grill to grab your Witness!

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