MN Art-a-Whirl 2015

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Boom Island Brewing Company is excited to announce our participation in this year’s Art-A-Whirl May 15-17 in Northeast Minneapolis. The Boom Room will act as an exhibit space, as well as involve the public in creating a one-of-a-kind art piece that will take shape as the event progresses. A special cask of Brimstone Tripel will also be available during the event while supplies last.

We are proud to feature pieces from the following artists:

Ryan Ball – A Ceramic artist and photographer who will exhibit his work as well as provide demonstrations in the taproom. See and purchase his work at Etsy here.

Ryan Ball Art
© Ryan Ball

Lara Cornell – A painter who shares and bares her soul with canvas and color. See a Gallery of her work here.  Purchase her work at Etsy here.

Lara Cornell Art
© Lara Cornell

Robert Harris – An artist who utilizes smaller canvases is showing his paintings and drawings in public for the first time. He is a proud new member of the Northeast Minneapolis Art Association.

Friday, May 15 Taproom Hours: 4-9pm

Ryan Ball will be doing demonstrations of his ceramic art on a wheel. He also produced Boom Island branded pieces, including a set of coasters, 750ml bottle stoppers and bottle openers (using old skate boards).

Lara Cornell will be exhibiting her work and assisting the public art project, a communal effort where taproom visitors can create a segment of a fluid piece that will steadily grow as the weekend progresses.

7pm: Bobby Ryden, singer and multi-instrumentalist from the band Loons in the Attic will be performing two intimate solo sets.

Saturday, May 16 Taproom Hours: 1-9PM

1-5pm Robert Harris exhibit.

5-9pm Lara Cornell exhibit.

Sunday, May 17 Taproom Hours 1-6PM

Ryan Ball exhibit and demonstrations.

Lara Cornell painting exhibit and public interaction.

Stay tuned for further details! For more information on the Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl, click here.

Boom Island is located at 2014 Washington Ave N. Minneapolis, MN

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