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Our Brand Spankin’ New Bottling Line

“We always go the extra step to make sure that our beer is produced in the authentic way”

-Kevin & Qiuxia Welch
Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Heather Hanson Photography LLC
We take pride in the Belgian style craft beers we produce. One of the most important pieces of brewing a traditional style Belgian style beer takes place after the actual brewing process for us – during bottle conditioning. This method of bottling results in more flavorful and aromatic features.
For the first three years of Boom Island Brewing, bottling was an arduous process. Each unit was bottled, corked, and labelled by hand in our small brewery. It was a labor-intensive proposition that required extra staff and numerous hours to complete.
Before you get sentimental about how sweet it is to have a one of a kind, hand corked bottle made special by Boom Island, keep in mind that it’s also very time consuming.
Jump ahead to March, 2015: Kevin is pictured bursting with excitement as he unloads this large crate of unknown splendor, the Troxler bottling line.
Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Heather Hanson Photography LLC

This is officially, the first Troxler machine in the U.S. Although it’s mainly used for wineries, small breweries in Belgium also use this system because most have bottle conditioned beers.  In fact, on their most recent trip to Belgium, Kevin happened upon this particular machine in three different Belgian breweries. This new system allows what had previously taken five people to do, to be done by two people in half the amount of time.

Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Heather Hanson Photography LLC

 All of Boom Island Brewing’s bottles are bottle conditioned, including 12oz bottles. But what does this mean?

Put simply, it means we bottle warm and flat beer with an added dose of yeast and sugar. This addition creates a natural reaction within the bottle that produces CO2, which carbonates the beer. The end result is another fermentation process that creates more flavor and it preserves the beer.

Every brewery likes to think each bottle of their beer is special, but the reason we choose these specific 12oz bottles is not only because they look great, but because they actually hold higher CO2.  These little guys can hold up to 15 bars of pressure, compared to most of the small bottles on the market, which only hold 3 bars of pressure.  (Bottle conditioning the beer creates extra pressure from the fermentation process.)

IMG_8548 IMG_8546

Here, Qiuxia & Kevin pose with Troxler bottling line representatives, Yannic and Victor. Yannic assists in engineering, Victor in computer science.

Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Heather Hanson Photography LLC

 Made just for you! Visit us at the taproom Wednesday though Sunday, or grab a couple bottles at your favorite Minnesota liquor store!

2014 Washington Ave N., Minneapolis, MN

5 Belgian Beers to Try Before you Die

Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Heather Hanson Photography LLC

Who doesn’t love lists? Bucket lists are the ultimate proof of the life well-lived and this detailed list is the best of the best, the creme de la creme, must have Belgian Beers you should try before you die.

5. Silvius, Boom Island Brewing – An instant classic, this Belgian Pale Ale combines light hop bitterness and a toasted malt backbone with delicate peppery spiciness. It finishes medium to dry, with a hint of malt flavor returning for an encore. And boy, was it an encore.

4. Saison, Boom Island Brewing – Boom Island’s Saison is a traditional Farmhouse style beer brewed with barley, oats and a touch of rye, and you can taste it all. This beer has a  fluffy white head sitting on top of light copper colored beer. It has a smooth mouthfeel from the oats that slowly morphs into a collage of spice and light bitterness, which lingers into an assertively dry finish. There’s also a slight, heavenly citrus and orange aroma that accompanies it. 

3. Hoodoo, Boom Island Brewing – Rich with complex dark malt flavors accented deftly by banana, clove and low hop bitterness, Hoodoo Dubbel pours a lush deep brown with red highlights, a thick, long-lasting beige head, and light malt roast aroma. This outstandingly delicious, yet traditional 8.5% ABV Belgian boasts a slightly dry and even finish with bready malts coming forward at the very end.

2.Thoprock, Boom Island Brewing – The assertive hop bitterness of this Belgian IPA is balanced by a clear malty backbone. It finishes with the flowery, citrus flavor of West Coast hops. Its deceptive 8% abv is achieved through a special Belgian fermentation process. The end result is pure bliss.

1. Brimstone, Boom Island Brewing – This Belgian Tripel has nuanced yeast character, spices layered on subtle fruit notes and a long-lasting tight white head. Let this traditional 9.5% ABV Belgian Strong warm a bit to savor the full complexity of its light alcohols and spiciness. Brimstone finishes moderately dry with slight hop bitterness. Absolute perfection.

So if you haven’t tried Boom Island Beer yet, maybe you should! Happy April 1st…