Recycle & Receive!


Boom Island promotes recycling by giving back!

Did you know by saving bottles, you can also earn FREE BEER? At Boom Island Brewing Company, all you need to do is return twelve (12) 750mL Boom Island Brand bottles to the taproom (#BIBoomRoom) and receive one free 750mL bottle of your choice. It seems simple enough, but here’s how it works:

COLLECT: Twelve Boom Island Brewing 750mL bottles (NO OTHER BOTTLES WILL BE ACCEPTED.) Buy your bottles from the taproom directly, or from your favorite local liquor store.
RINSE: Each bottle out with water and save them!
RETURN: Those Twelve Boom Island Brewing rinsed bottles to the Minneapolis taproom (Boom Room).
RECEIVE: One new 750mL bottle of your choice! It’s just that easy!

Boom Island’s taproom is located at: 2014 Washington Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55411

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