Meet Jim!

Photo by Heather Hanson Photography LLC
Photo by Heather Hanson Photography LLC

Meet Jim! He is the oh-so-friendly Manager and self-declared CMO (Chief Mopping Officer) of the Boom Room. Those who’ve had the pleasure of spending five minutes with this taproom expert know Jim relishes in educating customers about Belgian style beers, all the while making them laugh with a good story. Nothing makes him happier than seeing customers return to the taproom with family and friends. He often tells his guests that all tips he receives go into his “college fund,” yet he has never properly explained why he uses that particular expression. Jim’s talents extend far beyond the brewery though. He has been writing clever comic haiku poems for 15 years, most recently with the Drinking with Ian show on cable. He has bartending experience, as well as too-many-years-to-mention experience in customer service, and it shows.  He is also a self-proclaimed music geek and loves turning unsuspecting customers into fans of whatever he is playing at the taproom. In short, but sweet summary, Jim is a unique piece to the Boom Island Brewing puzzle, and we are happy to have him in our family!

Stop in to the taproom soon to experience Jim’s wit and knowledge yourself! Catch his haiku on Drinking with Ian, or follow him vicariously on Twitter @BoomTaproom

Our taproom is located at: 2014 Washington Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55411 Boom Room entrance and parking in back.

Recycle & Receive!


Boom Island promotes recycling by giving back!

Did you know by saving bottles, you can also earn FREE BEER? At Boom Island Brewing Company, all you need to do is return twelve (12) 750mL Boom Island Brand bottles to the taproom (#BIBoomRoom) and receive one free 750mL bottle of your choice. It seems simple enough, but here’s how it works:

COLLECT: Twelve Boom Island Brewing 750mL bottles (NO OTHER BOTTLES WILL BE ACCEPTED.) Buy your bottles from the taproom directly, or from your favorite local liquor store.
RINSE: Each bottle out with water and save them!
RETURN: Those Twelve Boom Island Brewing rinsed bottles to the Minneapolis taproom (Boom Room).
RECEIVE: One new 750mL bottle of your choice! It’s just that easy!

Boom Island’s taproom is located at: 2014 Washington Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55411

Join our Street Team!


The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread the word about upcoming events by distributing fliers to local (Minnesota) coffee shops, bookstores, bars, restaurants, and anywhere else people may be interested in hearing about Boom Island Brewing events.

The reward is a FREE PINT of delicious Belgian style beer for every ten documented flyers you distribute to different (relevant) locations. It’s just that easy!

SIGN UP by emailing us at: with “Street Team” as the subject.

Saison Release is March 20th!

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The first day of Spring is March 20th this year.   Anyone who has lived in these parts for any amount of time knows that we could be dining on a rooftop in shorts, or up to our elbows in snowdrifts on that date.  Boom Island Brewing Company is releasing its new Farmhouse-style ale, Saison, to make either scenario a perfect reason to drink beer.

Boom Island’s Saison is a traditional Farmhouse style beer brewed with barley, oats and a touch of rye. Traditionally these beers were brewed by Belgian farmsteads to provide sustenance and quench the thirsts of farm laborers through the Spring and Summer months of work.   More details:

Saison – 6% ABV

Appearance – Fluffy White head on top of a Deep Straw to Light Copper colored beer

Aroma – Delicate Orange or Citrus.

Flavor – Smooth mouth feel from the oats morphs into a collage of spice and light    bitterness, which lingers into an assertively dry finish.

Schedule of events for Friday March 20:

4pm: Boom Room open/$3 Pours of Saison

5pm: Sandy’s Grill & Italian Ice Food Truck on Site

7pm: Local rockers Loons in the Attic perform

Boom Island Brewing Company is located on 2014 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis MN 55411 in north Minneapolis.  Find the alley entrance to the taproom in the back of the building.  Whether you’re dusting off your flip-flops on 3/20 or donning your snowmobile suit for the hundredth time, one thing remains constant:  Any time you drink a Farmhouse-style ale on the first day of Spring it is a good day.